Indelible Fingerprints by David Estringel NOW Available on!!!

April 21, 2019 – David A. Estringel’s first published book Indelible Fingerprints from Alien Buddha Press contains prose and verse that are reflective of the significant parts of David’s life that have not only shaped him but left permanent marks (both good and bad). This published work will contain 40 pieces of poetry and prose that have been previously published and reprinted in over 43 literary magazines and journals in the United States and abroad. Indelible Fingerprints offers 37 pieces of verse, ranging from free-verse to prose poetry to haiku, of various influences (Classical to dirty realism). Three short stories are also included that encompass oeuvres of kitchen sink realism, speculative fiction, and the surreal.

Indelible Fingerprints by David Estringel NOW available at Buy it!


David Estringel Has a New Website. ‘The Booky Man’ Is NOW David’s Official Blog Site!!!

April 21, 2019 – Hello all. After the publication of my first feature-length collection (i.e., small book) of poetry and prose Indelible Fingerprints, I find that updating two websites is no longer feasible. So, I have streamlined things and decided to maintain an official writer’s website, david a. estringel, while maintaining The Booky Man as my official blog-site.

I will still keep ya’ll updated on new published and reprinted works, making links to online postings and purchase sites available (when possible). But, please buy my book, though, as my Starbucks bagels with cream cheese won’t buy themselves. The new website also has additional features that have typically not been made available on The Booky Man, such as updates on submission acceptances, public and anthology appearances, chapbook and book publication info, a gallery with pics and videos, and more.

Thanks for hanging with me and I hope you continue to as more poems, short stories, and–yes–books keep coming.


David Estringel

“This Is My Interview with David Estringel” published today at the UK’s Authors Interviews w/Fiona Mcvie!!!

April 21, 2019 – My interview with the UK’s Fiona Mcvie at authors interviews posted today! She was definitely thorough with her questions, down to what I would want on my gravestone. That took some thinking. Interviews are quite fun, so I was very excited at the opportunity. Take a look!

“Roadkill” and New Poem “little deaths” Have Found A Home at German Publication, Fishbowl Press!!!

April 18, 2019 –

Short story “Roadkill” was accepted for reprint at Fishbowl Press today and will appear on their online platform on April 25, 2019. Very excited! My new poem “little deaths” (very different from my other one “little death” [singular and a haiku]) was also accepted for publication and will appear once they figure out how to introduce poetry into their publication. Thanks, Fishbowl Press, for bestowing upon me the honor of busting your poetry cherry!

This is an AMAZING online publication and I am very excited about being included.

Two Haiku Accepted Today at The Blue Nib for Summer/Fall 2019 Publication…Book Review of Indelible Fingerprints Pending!!!

April 16, 2019 – Two untitled haiku (they are calling them “micro-poems”) were accepted today at The Blue Nib for Summer/Fall 2019 publication. Been waiting a while to get my work in TBN but every time I tried I would get accepted somewhere else. They moved pretty quick this time. Nice.

I was also asked to forward a PDF copy of my book Indelible Fingerprints to them for a book review. Nervous and excited at the same time. Guess its normal, but I can do without the urge to vomit.