David Estringel Joining Fishbowl Press as Poetry Editor!!!

May 2, 2019 – As a result of the submission of some pretty bad ass poetry and prose (if David does say so himself), some barrier-free email swapping, and a whole lot of mutual admiration, David Estringel will be joining his new boy-crush Fishbowl Press and its team as their Poetry Editor. For those familiar with the publication, Fishbowl Press publishes rather remarkable short-fiction pieces ONLY, so the inclusion of poetry into the mix will definitely shake the dynamics up a bit…but in an awesome way. Details are currently being worked out regarding how Fishbowl Press’ new enhancement will manifest but all at the table are pretty excited about the change.

More to come as details become available.


An Embarrassment of Riches from Cajun Mutt Press!!!

May 2, 2019 – The darkly erotic (and new) poem “little deaths” was submitted last night, as promised, to Cajun Mutt Press and accepted this morning for June 26, 2019, publication. Along with the acceptance came a remarkable offer to become a “permanent fixture at Cajun Mutt Press as a monthly featured writer.” Of course, this amazing opportunity was jumped on lickety-split! Looking forward to a long and creative relationship with Cajun Mutt Press for the long haul.