Two poems accepted at Horror Sleaze Trash!!!

May 16, 2023 – Just got word that Horror Sleaze Trash will be having me back again, reprinting two poems of mine, “After the Wake” and “The Moon Don’t Care”. BIG thanks to EIC Arthur Graham for the acceptance. Always thrilled to have my stuff published by this very cool lit mag.


Three poems accepted for reprint at The Opiate!!!

May 9, 2023 – Literally pissing myself after receiving an acceptance from The Opiate–my absolute favorite lit mag– regarding the reprinting of some of my best poems from Blood Honey, my second poetry collection from Anxiety Press. Poems, “Cough Syrup,” “Boy With A Box Full of Wasps,” and “Frozen Charlotte,” will appear in their summer print issue with “Frozen Charlotte” also getting some play online this week. HUGE thanks to EIC Genna Rivieccio for having me back!!!

Two poems reprinted at Tiny Frights!!!

May 1, 2023 – So glad to have a couple of my spookier poems, “Boveda” and “The Yawning Grave” reprinted in Tiny Frights (Vol. 2, No.1) yesterday. Definitely two of my favorites. Very appreciative to be in such good company in their 3rd issue. A lovely release, so give it a read!

“What waits (for you) beyond cold reliefs of endless sleep and the gossip of earthworms?” (from “The Yawning Grave”)

Four poems in Rabble Review (Issue #6)!!!

April 20, 2023 – Happy to announce that four of my poems, “Golden Calves,” “Neon Gods,” “Evening Machines,” and “Midnight Specials” are included in Rabble Review’s Issue #6, Here is a rundown of what it’s all about:

RABBLE REVIEW No. 6 takes a critical look at the daily grind and the toll it takes on our lives. With poignant pieces from a wide range of contributors, this issue is a call to arms against the exploitation and alienation we experience in the workplace. Through a thought-provoking exploration of production and consumption, Rabble Review No. 6 challenges us to defy the status quo, and finally make possible a world where human connection and emancipation are more than merely possible, but the foundation of human existence.

BIG thanks to the folks at Rabble Review for having me back a second time!