Poem “Intermissions” published today at Forever Endeavour!!!

August 30, 2019 – Poem “Intermissions” was published today at the UK’s Forever EndeavourThis was a companion piece to “A Cloudy Day at Colonial Manor”, which appeared at Forever Endeavour August 7, 2019. So glad these poems found a great home!


Poem “A Cloudy Day at Colonial Manor” published today at Forever Endeavour!!!

August 7, 2019 – Poem “A Cloudy Day at Colonial Manor” was published today at Forever Endeavour! This is one of two companion pieces about my mother’s (our) struggle with her Alzheimer’s dementia. Looking forward to seeing “Intermissions” at FE soon.

Two short stories accepted for reprint at Logos Literature!!!

August 5, 2019 –  Short stories “Windows” (about dealing with a parent with Alzheimer’s Disease) and “When Blood Wants Blood” (about Santeria, ancestor worship, and life struggles) were accepted for reprint today at Logos Literature (publication on 85/5/19 and 8/6/19, respectively). They have been INCREDIBLY supportive of “Roadkill” and I, so it was a “no-brainer” in deciding to give my remaining two short stories one last “go-round” with Logos Literature and Founder & Lead Editor Kaiter Enless before they are FINALLY “put out to pasture” (excluding any current submissions that are pending review/publication).  

Two poems about Alzheimer’s accepted for publication at Forever Endeavour!!!

August 4, 2019 – Poems “A Cloudy Day at Colonial Manor” and “Intermissions” accepted at Forever Endeavour for publication! More companion pieces than individual works, they speak to the individual perspectives of a declining mother (with Alzheimer’s Disease) and her son.  Very appreciative to FE and Luke for the acceptance.