Poems “Digging for Lost Temples”, “Cajeta (Gimme Some Sweet!)”, and “Burn” reprinted at Azahares Spanish Language Literary Magazine!!!

June 8, 2021 – Extremely proud to have three of my more recent works, “Digging for Lost Temples (originally published at 45 Magazine), “Cajeta (Gimme Some Sweet!)” (originally published at Cajun Mutt Press), and “Burn” (originally published at The Bitchin’ Kitsch) reprinted at Azahares Spanish Language Literary Magazine (University of Arkansas – Fort Smith). These three pieces are extremely personal to me, so the acceptance is truly an honor.


Three poems accepted for reprint at Azahares Literary Magazine!!!

November 29, 2020 – Very excited to announce that Azahares Literary Magazine, University of Arkansas – Fort Smith’s premier Spanish language literary magazine, has accepted three poems for reprint: “Burn”, “Cajeta (Gimme Some Sweet!)”, and “Digging for Lost Temples”. Publication is scheduled for April 2021.