New poem, “Burn”, published today at The Bitchin’ Kitsch!!!

October 1, 2019 –  New poem “Burn” published today at The Bitchin’ Kitsch. “Burn” is one of many recent new works from David Estringel that self-explore ethnicity, space, and the negotiation of the two. Many thanks to B’K Editor Chris Talbot-Heindl for the acceptance and her support in getting this piece published so quickly after it was written. 


New poem COMING SOON at The Bitchin’ Kitsch October 1, 2019!!!

September 13, 2019 – NEW poem “Burn” (about growing up–languishing, really–in a small, rural town) was accepted today at The Bitchin’ Kitsch for publication October 1st this year. This one had been knocking around my head for a few months now, so it was SO great to finally get it down on paper. It is always fun to work out old angst, you know. 

A HUGE thanks to Co-creator and Editor Chris Talbot-Heindl for accepting the piece!