Concordance Journal Collaborative Project…UPDATE!!!

April 24, 2019 – It is OFFICIAL! I will collaborate with NYC artist David Koh from Celestial Studios on a project for Concordance Journal’s June 2019 release. We have a month to get this ‘bad boy’ off the ground and done. Not sure what we will be creating just yet, but it will be amazing. David Koh’s virtual gallery on Instagram is quite impressive. And so it begins…


A Collaborative Piece in the Works for Concordance Journal

April 23, 2019 – Received word today from Concordance Journal about the pairing they had made between another artist (a painter, in fact) and me to come up with an original creative piece. Completely loving this sort of multi-modal approach of artistic expression. Concordance Journal will follow my partner and me throughout the process so there will be a lot of “behind the scenes” updates and coverage. Of course, I will post things now and then, as well. This will be my first foray into collaborative work, so I am quite excited. More details to come as things solidify!