“Digging for Lost Temples” accepted for reprint at Harpy Hybrid Review!!!

January 5, 2021 – Absolutely thrilled to get word today that Harpy Hybrid Review accepted my hybrid prose poem/CNF piece “Digging for Lost Temples” (originally published at 45 Magazine) for reprint in an upcoming issue. It’s a very personal piece about cultural assimilation and an ultimate search for (reclaiming of) identity that I am particularly proud of. Excited to see it out there again.


First submission for Writing Workshops Dallas Blog appearing soon!!!

October 20, 2019 – Happy to announce that my first (of hopefully many) essays for Writing Workshops Dallas Blog “So, You Want to Publish Your Little Darlings” was accepted today and will appear soon online. The article will cover some basic but crucial tips for unpublished writers thinking about navigating the big, bad world of publication. I am very excited about this opportunity to take part in a continuing conversation around ‘writing’ with my fellow creatives out there and this amazing organization. Many thanks to WWD’s Editorial Director Jeanette Smith for the opportunity!

Already working on my second one for November 2019!

Essay “Digging for Lost Temples” accepted for publication at Drunk Monkeys!!!

July 25, 2019 – New essay “Digging for Lost Temples”, a self-exploration of ethnic identity, accepted today at Drunk Monkeys today (publication date TBD). Many thanks to Kolleen Carney Hoepfner (Editor-In-Chief) and Matthew Guerruckey (Founder). Very excited about this opportunity as it is the first essay of mine to be accepted by a literary publication (i.e., outside The Good Men Project). Looking forward to writing many more in the future!