Haiku “Five-Fold Kiss” accepted at Poetry NI today!!!

September 25, 2019 – Haiku “Five-Fold Kiss” was accepted today at Poetry NI for inclusion in their next issue of Panning for Poems, their print-out, fold-up micropoetry microjournal. Thrilled about this piece appearing in Poetry NI, one of my favorite poetry journals!


7 haiku at featured at Cajun Mutt Press!!!

July 2, 2019 – Seven haiku (“Truce”, “Newborn Credos, “Five-Fold Kiss”, “Stop and Recalibrate”, “Moment of Clarity”, “The Story of Us”, and “Longing”) featured at Cajun Mutt Press today! Many thanks to CMP and J.D. Casey IV for all their support!!!

Two small haiku collections featured at Cajun Mutt Press July and August 2019!!!

June 30, 2019 – THRILLED to continue as a featured writer at Cajun Mutt Press, following June’s “little deaths”, with two small haiku collections scheduled for publication July 2nd and August 6th. Monthly contributions will be published every first Tuesday of the month. Look out for “Truce”, “Newborn Credos”, “Five-Fold Kiss”, “Stop and Recalibrate”, “Moment of Clarity”, and “Longing” in a couple of days.