Poems “Coffeehouse Romance” and “Storms” reprinted today at Queer As In Fuck You! Magazine!!!

September 16, 2019 – Excited to have two of my favorite poems, “Coffeehouse Romance” and “Storms” (both originally published at Cajun Mutt Press), reprinted today at Queer As In Fuck You! Magazine for their inaugural issue (September 2019). Definitely plan on resubmitting to this awesome new GLBTQ+ literary mag sometime soon.


Poem “Damn, God’s Got a Fucked-Up Sense of Humor” published today at Headline Poetry!!!

August 8, 2019 – Poem “Damn, God’s Got a Fucked-Up Sense of Humor”, was published today (earlier than expected) at Headline Poetry! Honored to be in the publication’s “Featured Poet” spot, which the editorial staff says rarely happens. Totally honored! Many thanks to Hokis for all the supportive feedback and acceptance of the work: 

I cannot read your poem too often. It hits all the right cells in my body. Thank you for being who you are.”   — Hokis