“Featured Poet of the Week” David A. Estringel at Fishbowl Press!!!

June 5, 2019 – The first “Feat​ured Poet of the Week” at Fishbowl Press (posts available on Fishbowl’s website and Instagram) will be Fishbowl’s own Poetry Editor David A. Estringel. He offers three of his favorite poems (“And the Beat Goes On”, “joshua”, and David3“Kiss Me, Again, Again, and Again”) and answers some interview questions for the readers. Moreover, readers will be directed to Fishbowl Press’ poetry blog site, Fishbowl Press Poetry, to view David’s profile and even more in-depth interview questions. Over the remaining weeks in June, David will feature some hand-selected poets he would like to introduce to everyone, featuring their work and profiles here on Fishbowl Press Poetry. Starting July 2019, Fishbowl Press’ “Featured Poets of the Week” will be selected from our general calls for submission.

As of now, the month of July is almost booked! Lots of great work that has been submitted so far. Poets, whose work has already been accepted, will be mentioned in upcoming posts on Fishbowl Press Poetry soon, namely, some tidbits about the poets and the work readers can expect to see starting July 2019.

A new book review by Fishbowl Press’ Poetry Editor David A. Estringel of Kiriti Sengupta’s book of poetry, Rituals (Hawakal Publishers), is also available for view, so take a look!


New Installment of “Words from the Fringe: The Big, Bad World of Outsider Lit” posted at Channillo Tonight!

May 6, 2019 –  A new and VERY long overdue installment for column “Words from the Fringe: The Big, Bad World of Outsider Lit” posted tonight at Channillo. Life has been kinda nuts as of late, BUT things are getting back on track. “Words from the Fringe…” is still alive and kicking! Take a look for a quick update on what’s been going on.

A slight change was made to the column’s schedule in that now it will be updated monthly instead of weekly. Lots of new stuff going on so the change will be more accommodating, but there will likely be more than ample opportunity to throw in an extra update or two every now and then. Glad to keep this column alive and going.

Didn’t want to let this one go!