Poem “Neon Gods” accepted for publication at Cephalopress!!!

October 19, 2021 – So very happy to report that one of my newer pieces, “Neon Gods”, has been accepted for publication at Cephaloress (publication date TBD). The piece will be a feature in “Ink Sac” and marks a third go-round at this gorgeously designed and uber-hip (yet coolly edgy) UK lit mag. Always psyched to get an acceptance from there and REALLY thrilled “Neon Gods” found a home. This piece comes with a lot of acute angles and sharp edges. Love that Cephalopress can see past all that and into the spirit of the piece. Quite in love with them, both, actually.

Indelible Fingerprints by David Estringel NOW Available on Amazon.com!!!

April 21, 2019 – David A. Estringel’s first published book Indelible Fingerprints from Alien Buddha Press contains prose and verse that are reflective of the significant parts of David’s life that have not only shaped him but left permanent marks (both good and bad). This published work will contain 40 pieces of poetry and prose that have been previously published and reprinted in over 43 literary magazines and journals in the United States and abroad. Indelible Fingerprints offers 37 pieces of verse, ranging from free-verse to prose poetry to haiku, of various influences (Classical to dirty realism). Three short stories are also included that encompass oeuvres of kitchen sink realism, speculative fiction, and the surreal.

Indelible Fingerprints by David Estringel NOW available at Amazon.com. Buy it!