Poem “Red Berries” scheduled to appear in Dumpster Fire Press’ Spring 2022 anthology, Bedroom Anatomy Lessons!!!

January 8, 2022 – Poem “Red Berries” was accepted to appear in Dumpster Fire Press‘ upcoming anthology, Bedroom Anatomy Lessons. Publication scheduled around March 2022! So excited!!!

“Digging for Lost Temples” accepted for reprint at Harpy Hybrid Review!!!

January 5, 2021 – Absolutely thrilled to get word today that Harpy Hybrid Review accepted my hybrid prose poem/CNF piece “Digging for Lost Temples” (originally published at 45 Magazine) for reprint in an upcoming issue. It’s a very personal piece about cultural assimilation and an ultimate search for (reclaiming of) identity that I am particularly proud of. Excited to see it out there again.


“Nothing Lasts” accepted for chapbook appearance at DREICH!!!

December 15, 2020 – An oldie (but a goodie), poem “Nothing Lasts” was accepted for reprint in DREICH‘s themed chapbook “SCI-FI” that is scheduled for release July 2021. This poem’s last appearance was is TL;DR’s Beneath Strange Stars: A SciFi & Fantasy Anthology and seemed like a perfect fit. Many thanks to Jack Caradok, as well as Terror House Magazine for originally publishing the piece!

“Only Cats Walk Fences” published at Subterranean Blue Poetry!!!

June 14, 2020 – Poem “Only Cats Walk Fences” published at Subterranean Blue Poetry. This piece was originally written and accepted a year and a half ago. So glad to finally have this out there. Many thanks to Poetry Editor Rebecca Ann Banks for all her support.

Poem “Nothing Lasts” accepted for reprint in TL;DR’s upcoming anthology Beneath Strange Stars!!!

November 18, 2019 –

Poem “Nothing Lasts” (originally published at Terror House Magazine) has been accepted for reprint at TL;DR’s new and upcoming sci-fi & fantasy anthology Beneath Strange Stars. Many thanks to the editorial team for their kind words:

Your poem is wonderful and reminded us of the ‘Night Dances’ by Plath. It was both evocative and beautiful and we loved it.”

Anticipated publication date is January 2020.

Haiku “The Man in Your Mirrors” accepted for publication at Outcast Magazine!!!

July 3, 2019 – Thrilled to report that the haiku “The Man in Your Mirrors” has been accepted for publication at Outcast Magazine. Publication date TBD.

“Out and proud” to be a part of the ongoing narrative!!!

Outcast is a lgbtq+ literary magazine based in South Asia. Outcast aims to bring change via sharing stories, poetry and art that thrust narratives from a local context into the limelight and allow people to understand better and start a conversation that can lead to change.


“Roadkill” accepted for reprint at Logos today!!!

June 25, 2019 – Short story “Roadkill” (originally published at Expat Press) accepted and reprinted today at Logos. Thrilled that this story continues to make the rounds and finds homes at some of the most amazing lit mags like The Elixir MagazineSoft Cartel, and Fishbowl Press!

Poem “joshua” will appear at Spillwords.com May 25, 2019!!!

May 6, 2019 – Just received word today that poem “joshua” will be reprinted at Spillwords.com on May 25, 2019. Glad this very personal poem continues to find great publications to hang with for a while. This poem was previously published by Salt Ink (the original post is still up if you visit), which is a pretty cool lit mag from the Southern US.