Poems “Old Filament, Broken Bulb” and “Burn” accepted for reprint at The Opiate!!!

June 8, 2021 – Received the most AMAZING news today! The Opiate, which is a literary magazine that I have wanted to be published by since I started writing, accepted two pieces for reprint, “Old Filament, Broken Bulb” (originally published at Expat Press) and “Burn” (originally published at The Bitchin’ Kitsch), for publication tomorrow (6/9/21) online and late-July in print, respectively. Many thanks to EIC Genna Rivieccio for the acceptance. Such a great day!


10-piece collection of previously published works to be released as a poetry series throughout October 2019 at Logos Literature!!!

October 3, 2019 – David A. Estringel will appear, again, soon at Logos Literature in a poetry series of 10 previously published poems (new and old) that will appear throughout October 2019. Poems include:

  • Blue Sky through Bare Branches (Foliate Oak Magzine)
  • Old Filament, Broken Bulb (Expat Press)
  • The Spaces in Between (Terror House Magazine)
  • Nothing Lasts (Terror House Magazine)
  • AI! AI! AI! (A Tartarus for Youth) (Terror House Magazine)
  • life in/verse (Setu Bilingual Journal)
  • little deaths (Cajun Mutt Press)
  • Cajeta (Gimme Some Sweet!) (Cajun Mutt Press)
  • Burn (The Bitchin’ Kitsch)
  • Coda-Switch (Cajun Mutt Press)

Many thanks to Editor and Founder Kaiter Enless for the ongoing support of my short fiction pieces “Roadkill” (Expat Press), “Windows” (Down in the Dirt), and “When Blood Wants Blood” (Down in the Dirt) and, now, my verse. SUBMIT, if you haven’t! Logos Literature’s pieces are truly unique and beautiful reads, so I consider myself honored to be a part of the mix!

Poem “Old Filament, Broken Bulb” accepted for reprint at Sub Rosa Zine!!!

May 17, 2019 – Poem, from Indelible Fingerprints, “Old Filament, Broken Bulb” accepted for reprint at Sub Rosa Zine, a lit magazine focused on mental health and its impact on our lives. Publication date is TBD. Plans for the first issue are for it to be released in a print edition, then online.

5 poems scheduled to be featured on Sunflower Sutras podcast June 13, 2019!!!

May 7, 2019 – After a brief hiatus, Sunflower Sutras will feature five poems (“Blue Room”, “Old Filament, Broken Bulb”, “Blue Sky through Bare Branches”, “Kiss Me, Again, Again, and Again”, and “And the Beat Goes On”) from Indelible Fingerprints (Alien Buddha Press) on their first poetry podcast on June 13, 2019. Looking forward to listening to the episode. So glad they are back!

Sunflower Sutras is a weekly NE Kansas podcast devoted to poetry of all shapes, sizes, and smells. Classics to news, interview to you. Always looking for submissions! Hosted by KRWU – Washburn Radio.

Four Poems at Synchronized Choas Today!

May 1, 2019 – “And the Beat Goes On”, “Smooth Whiskey”, “Blue Room”, and “Old Filament, Broken Bulb” are reprinted at Synchronized Chaos today.

David Estringel writes of various forms of subtle grief: the loss of some poetry scenes to consumerism, a breakup that submerges him into his bed pillows, and just the slow death of not feeling his life is going anywhere.

These poems appear with 34 others and 3 short stories in David Estringel’s first published collection of poetry and prose Indelible Fingerprints now available at Amazon.com.