Poem “Midnight Specials” accepted for publication at Sledgehammer Lit!!!

August 20, 2021 – Happy to announce that one of my new prose poetry pieces, “Midnight Specials” has been accepted at Sledgehammer Lit for publication on October 25, 2021. Many thanks to J. Archer for the acceptance.  Visit their Twitter @sledgehammerlit!

“Digging for Lost Temples” accepted for reprint at Harpy Hybrid Review!!!

January 5, 2021 – Absolutely thrilled to get word today that Harpy Hybrid Review accepted my hybrid prose poem/CNF piece “Digging for Lost Temples” (originally published at 45 Magazine) for reprint in an upcoming issue. It’s a very personal piece about cultural assimilation and an ultimate search for (reclaiming of) identity that I am particularly proud of. Excited to see it out there again.