Poem “The Alchemy of Fingertips” accepted for publication at Somos En Escrito Magazine!!!

September 20, 2021 – Excited to report that one of my new poems, “The Alchemy of Fingertips”, was accepted at Somos En Escrito Magazine for publication this month. It is a dear poem that is about the most important person to ever touch my life–my mom, who passed about a year ago. A link will be posted once the poem is live on the site. Many thanks to Senior Editor Scott Duncan-Fernandez and Somos En Escrito staff for the acceptance!


Rare acceptance of poem “Damn, God’s Got a Fucked-Up Sense of Humor” at Headline Poetry as “Feature Poem” in 8/11/19 edition!!!

August 4, 2019 – Poem “Damn, God’s Got a Fucked-Up Sense of Humor” (a self-reflection of the absurdity of society’s acceptance of gay men), was accepted today for publication at Headline Poetry (a division of Line Rider Press). The piece will make a rare appearance as a “Featured Poem” in its 8/11/19 edition. Many thanks to Headline Poetry and Senior Editor Hokis for the privilege and the heart-felt acceptance of this rather personal work.