Poem “Nothing Lasts” appearing soon in TL;DR’s “Beneath Strange Stars” anthology!!!

December 26, 2019 – Poem “Nothing Lasts” (originally published at Terror House Magazine) appearing soon (January 3, 2020) in TL;DR’s  Beneath Strange Stars: A SciFi & Fantasy Anthology. Many thanks to the Beneath Strange Stars team Alex, Callum, David, and Joe for my second go-round at TL;DR.


Poem “Nothing Lasts” accepted for reprint in TL;DR’s upcoming anthology Beneath Strange Stars!!!

November 18, 2019 –

Poem “Nothing Lasts” (originally published at Terror House Magazine) has been accepted for reprint at TL;DR’s new and upcoming sci-fi & fantasy anthology Beneath Strange Stars. Many thanks to the editorial team for their kind words:

Your poem is wonderful and reminded us of the ‘Night Dances’ by Plath. It was both evocative and beautiful and we loved it.”

Anticipated publication date is January 2020.

Poem “Coffeehouse Romance” in the current issue of The Elixir Magazine!!!

October 10, 2019 – Poem “Coffeehouse Romance” reprinted today at The Elixir Magazine in Issue #10. This newer piece was originally published at Cajun Mutt Press and was recently anthologized in TL;DR Press’ Shades of Pride GLBTQAI2+ anthology! It is also one of the poems featured in my first collection of poetry and prose Indelible Fingerprints (Alien Buddha Press, April 2019)

“Coffeehouse Romance” NOW appearing in TL;DR Press’ LGBTQIA-themed anthology, Shades of Pride!!!

June 3, 2019 – TL;DR Press presents Shades of Pride, an anthology of stories celebrating LGBTQAI2+ voices. All proceeds go to True Colors United, a charity dedicated to fighting homelessness in the LGBTQAI2+ youth community.

I am ecstatic, honored, and OUT & PROUD to be part of such an awesome collaborative project! Thrilled to that “Coffeehouse Romance” has found a permanent home in print! 

Looking forward to doing a live reading of “Coffeehouse Romance” at the Shades of Pride Open Mic Launch Party on June 9, 2019, on Discord (event details forthcoming).